Sign-Up Rules

Please familiarize yourself with our sign-up rules before joining a game

  • If you sign up to play, but cannot make it to the game you must abandon the game on the sign-up application at least **3 HOURS BEFORE kick-off**. Failure to do so will result in you owing your match fee regardless of whether or not you show up.
  • As a sub, you must be available to check your email or the sign-up application *at least 2 hours* before the start of the game you are a sub for. If this is not possible you must take yourself off of the subs list. Otherwise, should you move up from the subs list into the game at least 2 hours before the start of the game but not turn up, you will still owe your game fee.
  • If you are a sub for 2 games that start at the SAME TIME, you are responsible for taking yourself off the sub-list of one game, should you move off the subs list into the other game. This rule also applies to if you are a sub for multiple games on one day but only wish to play one of them.
  • Subs DO NOT need to show up for games.

  • Please only sign up for games you fully intend to play in! Do not sign up for multiple games in order to choose later in the week whether or not you wish to play in it. Even though we may have substitutes, this creates confusion and extra work for us and often results in us being short of players come match-day.
  • **SAME DAY DROPS ARE HIGHLY DISCOURAGED!** Please be respectful of us and other players. Be responsible for your actions. By not following these few basic rules you are letting down us who work hard to make sure all games are filled, the 9 other players in the game, plus any other player who could have played in your place.
  • If you sign up for 2 or more games in one day but after playing one decide you cannot play any more due to tiredness, other plans, etc. we will ask someone else to take your place in order to fill the game but you will still be expected to pay the game fee. Please do not make it awkward for us by asking us whether you have to.

  • Should you sign up for multiple games in a row then suffer an injury, you are still responsible for payment of each of these games. Whilst unfortunate, we cannot be responsable for the cost in this event.

  • Please turn up at least 10 minutes early. Game payment is to be made before the start of the game. This is to make things more efficient, as this way we do not need to be collecting money for an earlier game whilst setting up the next.
  • We cannot be held responsable for injuries. Though rare, as a contact sport injuries are inevitable so we recommend all players hold some form of health insurance.