For your other needs in Buenos Aires, we recommend these services and activities

Biking Buenos Aires

Committed to revealing a new Buenos Aires to you that can only be illustrated with the push of a pedal; Take a ride with us and find out why biking is the most effective and entertaining way to explore the theater that is Buenos Aires.

Whether you are looking to rent a bike, buy a bike, or take a tour, check us out at We look forward to meeting you.

Argentina Independent

THE Buenos Aires' paper for English speakers in Argentina.

Be you a tourist, an expat or an Argentine who wants to practise your English, you will find something worth reading in our pages…

Vitruvian Cross-Fit

Vitruvian is an incredibly difficult, addictive, and rewarding fitness program. Typically short, intense, workouts, organized as measurable and competitive events that improve your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

Los Pinos Guesthouse

Laidback English/Argentine run guesthouse just minutes from the beaches and action of Punta del Este. Whether it be for an extened visa run or a weekend away with the porteña girlfriend, this is a great place to enjoy Punta just as the locals do. The owner is a BAFA player so we can vouch for him!

Academia de Espanol Proyecto San Telmo

A one on one tutor for those at an intermediate or advanced level looking to perfect their conversational, written or pronunciation skills in Spanish. A very nice guy who also charges very reasonable rates.

If you are interested then please send an email (preferably in Spanish) to

Barbarian Cricket Argentina

For those expats missing it or for those wanting to learn more about it - or infact learn what it actually is - there is an opportunity to play cricket in Buenos Aires!

All levels are accommodated for, so whether you're a honed pro or have never heard the sound of leather on willow, there is a place for you! There you will be joining a couple of other familiar faces at BAFA.

Contact James Drummond for more info -

All equipment is provided except for whites (white clothing) & trainers!


As we and all the players know, we are lucky to be able to play football in top-quality environments. Thanks to Love.Futbol and the donations they receive, those living in some of the most impoverished areas of Guatemala now have the chance to do the same. Unfortunately, there are still many more who need their help.


Road2Argentina is a study abroad organization that specializes in Spanish immersion programs in Buenos Aires and other locations throughout Argentina.


The ISIC card is used by over 4.5 million full-time students in 120 countries every year. It gives students access to tens of thousands of student services and benefits worldwide.


A popular party night in Buenos Aires, happening every Tuesday night in Kika. International DJs play all that is hot in the world of electro, indie, hip-hop, drum & bass and dubstep.

BA Expat Hub

The INCLUSIVE online community & information hub for Buenos Aires expats.


BAIS is the #1 organisation for international students in Buenos Aires whose objective is social and cultural integration. BAIS offer the best activities that make for an unforgettable stay!

Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

In a nut shell, the pub crawl is a great way to meet people and fellow travelers from all over the world while experiencing some of the hottest venues that the city's nightlife has to offer!

Vamos Spanish Academy

Vamos Spanish Academy is a Spanish school located in Buenos Aires. We emphasize on offering our students a high standard but down-to-earth Spanish learning experience in and around Argentina.

South American Explorers

The South American Explorers Club is a unique organization offering not only independent information and trip planning advice, but also CLUBHOUSES across the continent — your home away from home in South America!

Wander Argentina

A website about Argentina by people who live there.

Providing the most up-to-date information about traveling and residing in Argentina in addition to entertaining features and videos with an insider's view into Argentine culture whilst also promoting socially and environmentally responsible travel.

Your alternative guide to Buenos Aires. Want to know where to go or better yet, where not to go? How to book football tickets? What envase means or what neighborhood has the best bars? Check out our site!