Play fútbol in Buenos Aires

With a fun & diverse group of people

  • Friendly, competitive 5-on-5 matches throughout the week
  • Social events including asados, city excursions, fiestas and more
  • Great opportunity to make new friends from around the world

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Women's Torneo - 30th of August

Girls, are you ready for some competitive football? On August 30th, we present our next women’s tournament! 

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The BAFA - Boca Juniors Experience

FC BAFA offers the unique Boca Juniors Experience so that you can feel like a professional football player for a day!

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Get your BAFA Jerseys

You know you are never going to look or feel better, than when you are wearing a BAFA jersey so why delay the inevitable? click on the link here.

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No matter who you are or where you are from, Buenos Aires Futbol Amigos welcomes you to join in for a kick about or to hang out for an asado, a fiesta and much, much more!

BAFA is perfect for anyone wanting to meet new people from all over the world, to keep fit and to just simply play football throughout the week.

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